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Marsha Goluboff Low
Marsha Goluboff Low
The Orange Robe

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What possessed a young college graduate coed in the early ‘70s to

train as a yogic nun with the controversial spiritual group known as

Ananda Marga? Buy my book, The Orange Robe, and find out! 

It has been 20 years since I left Ananda Marga, yet in some ways it’s as if I never left. Not only has the

experience influenced me in profound ways, but the writing of my book, taking as long as it did, kept me

immersed in the experience for far longer than may have been healthy. At least that was how I felt

occasionally as the years (and one draft after another!) came and went. But I wouldn’t have had it any

other way. It was a story that had to be told, after all, and the response I’ve gotten has been enthusiastic

and truly heartwarming.  Read more by clicking here

“Most accounts of life in high demand religious groups either

idealize the group or harshly criticize it. By simply telling her

story... and leaving judgements to the reader, Marsha Low has

provided a balanced and informative story about her life in

Ananda Marga that most readers will find hard to put down.”

Stephen Dunning

Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies University of Pennsylvania